Virginia Fall Foliage Report: UPDATE (Weekend of Nov. 11)

Each week during the fall foliage season VDOF shares information about leaf color around the state. Tree color is influenced by precipitation and temperature, so there could be big differences in color and peaks from one region to another and from year to year. Below is our report for the weekend of Nov. 11 More information is available here.

Although winter is fast approaching the higher mountains, most areas below 3000 feet are still sporting a subdued autumn color palette, interspersed with the evergreen of pines.  If you want to see the best fall foliage in Virginia this week, plan a trip to the Piedmont or Coastal Plain.  Across central and eastern Virginia, all the shades of yellow predominate.  Oaks, which have been slow to change this year, still vary from mostly green to fully colored in deep red or rust.  Maples, sumacs, and dogwoods are eye-catching in red, and hickories in clear gold.  An eastern species to notice now is the sweetgum, with each tree wearing a patchwork coat of yellow, red, orange, purple and green star-shaped leaves.

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To Do: Enjoy Virginia’s Fall Foliage

Have you looked outside lately? The leaves are beginning to change colors and it won’t be long before parts of Virginia are decked out in their finest foliage! Autumn is one of the most beautiful times of year in Virginia. Whether you are traveling along the Blue Ridge, exploring Southside or journeying along the Eastern Shore, you’re bound to enjoy the vibrant colors of the Commonwealth’s fall foliage.

Each week VDOF provides a Fall Foliage Report. This summary of color, species and location helps travelers plan their trips around fall color in the state. In addition to weekly updates, you will also find suggested foliage drives to help avoid traffic during the season.

DSC_0780 20161029_1328 - Looking Down Toward Little Stone Mountain Gap and Powell Valley Overlook - Wayne Browning Photograph JPEG
Looking down toward Little Stone Mountain Gap and Powell Valley Overlook. Photo courtesy of Wayne Browning

So before you hit the highway to enjoy Virginia’s array of fall colors, check out the VDOF fall foliage report!

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